I have always had a fascination for rocks and crystals ever since I was a little girl. The search to find these gorgeous treasures and the healing properties they bring, has kept the passion deeply embedded in my day to day life. Everywhere you look in my surroundings, I have rocks and crystals from around the world that I have either had the pleasure of finding myself or have hunted them down through collectors, always wanting more.

A few years ago I decided to broaden how I wanted to show off my collection by incorporating these beauties into jewelry design. This was life changing for me and put my passion on a whole other level!

The highlight of my life is when my daughter started to share my same passion and wanted to start coming on rock and crystal hunting trips. This has given us so many memorable experiences together, which is truly priceless to me! And having the ability to share our finds and designs with you is so heartfelt to us!

We take pride in offering high-quality, one of a kind items at a fair price. We feel that everyone should be able to obtain and cherish the finer things in life, without emptying their wallet!

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